Wednesday, January 28, 2009

King of New York (NY Countdown Day 8)

It's all Barock day on DMDB!

NOTHING CAN STOP BAROCK! This was a sketch I did early in the character's inception. I wanted to show him a) getting blasted to bits and b) loving it. He is a God of War after all!

Barock and Zoe. This was an insert I worked up to replace the original figures on a cover which will now never be used. Wha...? I drew this with my brush pen. I *love* my brush pen.

This is the cover rough for issue 2. I'd had an idea to replace the aborted Battle At Cherry Hill Mall cover, and I wanted to sell it to Glen so I worked this up. A good thing about being able to draw is that you can convey what's on your mind with a quick sketch.

An' finally - another cover rough for issue 2. This was the other idea I pitched to Glen and though we both liked it we figured the other one was stronger. There's a pretty good chance we will use this idea, somewhere down the line...



WJC said...

That first pic is a cracker!!

As is the second, third and fourth.

Dan McDaid said...

Yeah! Thanks Warwick!