Sunday, June 03, 2007

Further Excite-o-news!

The third draft of part one of my DWM script has been approved (with some tweaks) and is even now in the fragrant hands of the Who Production people. Oh man! Now I have to write part two!

In other news, I was in Toys R Us today, mulling over whether to buy a replacement sonic screwdriver (the old one lost its main button... bah) or splurge on one of them 12 inch Clockwork Men from last year's excellent Girl in the Fireplace episode, when I came across the toy tie-ins for a cartoon called Ben 10. I haven't seen the shows yet, but my understanding is that it's a Dial H for Hero kind of thing, where some punk kid gets to change into all sorts of monsters and fight evil and that. Pretty nifty, and the designs are gorgeous, so I done bought me one: a little fella called Greymatter. He's one of the neatest things I own: a kind of bipedal praying mantis in a white jump suit with a little alien chum and big bug eyes. He's great, and I fully intend to collect the set. My girlfriend doesn't mind that I'm a simpleton by the way.

Maybe one reason I was so drawn to Ben 10 is because it's not dissimilar to a (sadly abortive) game I designed for a software company a few years back - the main character even looks kind of similar! - but more on that soon...!