Thursday, January 22, 2009

You and Me and New York City (NY Countdown Day Four)

Hello again! Today's edition is... an all black and white special! Woo!

Honestly, if I could publish the book in mono, I would. It's crisp, it's cool, and it's essentially how comics looked when I was a kid (with the occasional colour spread for impact) so to me it feels "right". But the prevailing wisdom is that B&W gives the book an "indie" feel, when we're going for mainstream superhero awesome, so it had to go. Bah.

Anyway - here's a mega double page splash from issue two. I was a little nervous when I first read the script for this - it's been said before, but it's all very well for a writer to ask for vast armies and planetary destruction, but drawing it is another matter. That said, this was a lot of fun and really helped to define our world.

Next up, some pages from issue 3. We spend a lot of time on the Gods' homeworld of Neboron in this ish - and that gave me the chance to bust out the highfalutin' alien tech and Kirby-style furniture.

Back down to Earth, and another page from issue 3. Zoe is about to get some bad news. To my surprise, I really, really enjoy doing the down-to-Earth stuff, though it takes more time by way of research and so on. The guy at the window is the head of the paper where Zoe works - he's half Jack Kirby and half my Dad.

Zoe runs it off.

And finally, a guest appearance from one of my flat-out favourite artists, Joe Infurnari. He did this pin-up for us and is also drawing Mark Waid's back-up which I think begins in ish two. He's a genius. I've looked at this pic a dozen times and I *just* noticed the stocking flying off and the shoe in Zoe's hand. Ain't it somethin'?


Isi said...

that first damn, that's good :o


Dan McDaid said...

Well, thanks very much Ms. iEvil!

Greg said...

Darn it, Dan, you're having too much fun drawing these!

michaeljsmith said...

incredible - i am all in favor of either a black and white issue or a variant black and white issue... sign up up

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks Brikhed. And I'm adopting "SIGN UP UP!" as my *official* catchphrase! :)

wolfboy said...

These are killer, Dan--the 2 page spread took my breath away. Yeah, kids won't buy B&W books.

Loved your Invincible backup, btw. I want to do one for you guys! Seriously.

Keep posting; love the ch. deisgns.

Where's my Doctor Who? hahaha

Dan McDaid said...

Andy, that would be brilliant! If the book sells, then we definitely need to make this happen.

Ha - guess what? I sent your Doctor Who stuff yesterday! Bite me, Wolfboy! :)

No seriously - I hope you like it. I've been ridiculously tardy with sending stuff to my friends. Not Michael Golden tardy, but still pretty bad.

Greg said...

Hey, Dan. Will you be charging for sketches at the con? I have a small 5x7 book. :)

Dan McDaid said...

I will be doing sketches, but I won't be charging as they'll mostly be quickies. Sound okay?

Greg said...

Sounds awesome! :)

wolfboy said...

I want a "quickie" hehehe.

Good luck in NY, man! You'll be a star!

Glen Brunswick said...

How much do you charge for a quickie? were talkin' about sketches. Never mind.