Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Knock, knock

Oh yeah, the strip I wrote/pencilled/inked/coloured for DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE is now up on m'website. Here's a LINK and... some jpegs!


Heads-up! I am in the lovely new Popgun anthology from Image Comics! Two wee JERSEY GODS vignettes, wittily penned by Mr Glen Brunswick of Killing Girl/Gray Area/Frequency fame and clumsily drawn by me. I'm putting one of them up here, along with some WIP stuff. There'll be more of this sort of thing as launch date looms...

Remember - comments are my fuel!

Initial thumbnail sketch. This is where I block everything out, work out where the tone is going to go, spot the blacks etc. I hardly ever work up my thumbnails to this extent anymore - haven't got the time, and I want to save that energy for the final page. Thass the theory anyway.

Inked page. FW acrylic ink, brush, PITT technical pen.

Final page. I used photoshop to add tone (the book itself will be in full colour) and also to make any fixes: Glen didn't like the original pose for the hero on panel five, so I changed it to something more dynamic. I also tweaked the hero's face a bit in the last panel.