Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back in my game design days, I worked on something called The Black Project. It never came to anything, but if it had it would have been a sort of squad-based free-roaming shoot 'em up a la Vice City. Like Vice City, it would also have been set in the past - ie the year 197x. Unlike Vice City, it probably would have sucked.

But I always liked the "hero" character I came up with for BP. He was kind of a cool, post-hippy English badass, one part John Lennon and the rest Michael Caine. I don't remember his name at all now (if anyone from my DR days can recall this or any other details about this project, feel free to drop me a line), but he would have been cool to write for and even cooler to draw. He wore red-tinted Lennon shades, had long hair and 'burns and carried two pistols, one silver and one black (these he called Yin and Yang). Ha.

I couldn't find any drawings to show you what he looked like, so I done some new ones.




I'd like to do something with him sometime (even though he's probably still owned by the games company I was working for, and even though the whole Mad Mod thing is being pretty comprehensively "done" at the moment by Matt Fraction and Casanova). We'll see.

IN OTHER NEWS - I done something else with my Wacom tablet: