Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All the Way to New York City (NY Countdown Day Six)

Day six of my NYCC countdown and damn it’s bearing down fast, isn’t it? The missus and I are starting to panic slightly, even though we’re pretty sure we’ve done all the necessary stuff. This weekend, we will be getting our dollars. Real dollars! Like they have in films!

Anyway, what do we have today? Well - it’s an all Rushmore special!

Who’s Rushmore? He’s this guy:

As you can tell from this concept sketch, I initially thought of him as a sort of traditional speedster - a grinning Wally West type. But brilliantly, Glen swerved him into different territory. He’s now more like our Mr Spock - always a couple of moves ahead of the other guy. Rushmore rocks!

Three of our heroes. That’s Barock, Helius and the R man. They are not comparing penis sizes.

An' finally, a Rushmore colour guide. He's red and blue - like a gas flame. And next to him is Centro who... well, you’ll see.



wolfboy said...

My penis is half of that in length...but its round like a can of tuna.

Hope you like the drawing I sent; drawing your guys are more fun than drawing mine.

Dan McDaid said...

I love it, and it's going on the blog tomorrow.

Your pic I mean. Not your wang.

Mine is a prodigious dancer, and I am training it to do the watuzi. Or, if you will, the Wang-tuzi. Or, if you will, the Wang-Goo-Wee.


Greg said...

....interesting, heh.

Love seeing these characters! Makes me more excited and interesting in finding out more! Size included. ;)

Mark Kardwell said...

Still working on it.

My wang, not my picture. It was finished days ago.

It's going to blow you away. My wang that is, not my picture.

Etc, etc, etc.

Dan McDaid said...

Greg, thanks a lot man! Sorry you've had to wade through all this smut.

Mark, can't wait to see it. Your picture, I mean. Not yer old fella.

Isi said...

this is actually really wierd, reading all of this man-talk....

nice pics :)

Hans Karl said...
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Dan McDaid said...

Hey Lordi! I'm not sure you could describe what we're doing here as "man-talk"... it's far too juvenile for that.

Hello Hans! Glad you like what you see. I've shot you an email!

RR said...

Rushmore is WAY hott ;) And I totally thought they were "comparing penis sizes"... thanks for ruining it for me D. :I

Greg said...

Ha! Dan and Glen, it's obvious what we fans want! penis comparisons!