Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mo' Jersey Gods...

If you head over to CBR, you'll see an interview with m'colleague Glen Brunswick, wherein he talks up our forthcoming super-hot-cool-thing Jersey Gods. Some rather jolly stuff in there (and he's terribly nice about yours truly) but holy moley would you look at those variant cover roughs? What's better than having stuff you've made up drawn by bona fide legends like Darwyn Cooke, Mike Allred and Paul Pope? Until they invent the Orgasmatron - nothing.

Darwyn Cooke's cover rough

Mike Allred's variant cover for issue one

Doc's cover rough for issue two

Paul Pope's cover rough for issue... three? I think?

...and another Paul Pope rough. Innit lovely?

Also, the Jersey Gods blog is now live! This'll feature commentary from Glen and myself as well as sketches and things. Link on the right.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to the TARDIS

Hello everyone! The madmen at Panini Towers have foolishly allowed me to have another go at writing Doctor Who for DWM. Part One of Thinktwice is drawn by Martin Geraghty with colours by James Offredi and letters by Roger Langridge. It features the return of Majenta Pryce, who I created for the story Hotel Historia (see below). What's she doing back in the Doctor's life? Well, we'll see...

In the meantime: some sketches! When I send a pitch to DWM, I sometimes like to include a few illos to give the document some colour and to get across an idea of how I want the characters to look. So...

This is Majenta Pryce, as she appears in Thinktwice. Incarcerated in the space gulag, with her memory wiped.

Mr Gripton, the head warden of the space prison. The cruel screw-in-chief is a bit of a cliché, but as I set out to do a proper “Doctor Who in prison” story, it made sense to go with this archetype. Martin Geraghty has done wonders with this character, giving him a big, babyish head and really pushing the “Hugo Strange-ness”. Cool.

A monster!