Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Into the Abyss!

Sometimes you get a weird commission which you just can't resist. My other half (as some of you might know) teaches English, which means she get a lot of kids coming up to her with their novels wot they've written. Pretty cute, right? Anyway, this one kid heard that I drew for a living, so he and the missus hatched a plan where I would draw his book's "cover" for him.

This was the brief:

A fireball in the middle of the page, stone above, water forming a loop around the side and something suggestive of wind at the bottom.

And this was the final thing:

It's not as finished as I would like, but I was advised by smarter heads than mine not to work too hard on it, as it was supposed to be a bit of fun. Which it was!

He's going to see this pic tomorrow - hope he likes it.

I think the lightning is a nice touch.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

C-C-C-Call the Cops!

I'm unaccountably pleased with this modest wee panel. There's not much going on in it, but it's pretty well drawn!

And I think the cop on the right looks a bit like Louis CK - but maybe that's just me!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thunder Road

Cracking bit of Jersey Gods fanart from "Majestic" Michael Rooth (are these smarmy nicknames getting old, yet? I think I might drop them). Anyway - it's a stunner, isn't it? And a great way to send off the series.

There's also a lovely interview with me and Glen over at Comic Book Resources. I really should thank CBR - they've been great supporters of the book since day one (when they did a wicked video interview with Glen, with gorgeous animated inserts), and they've gone out of their way to keep tabs on us as the series has gone on. Thanks, chaps!

Anyway - LINKAGE

And a BIG splash from issue twelve - the spoiler sensitive should look away now (everyone else should click to OMAC-size it)!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This a panel from **** *****, an upcoming strip for *** *****.

I'd love to tell you more, but I've been threatened with punches if I let too much slip. Sorry!


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Silver Nemesis!

Commission piece for Matt Zitron, inks n' brush on Bristol board.

Silver Nemesis is not a particularly popular Doctor Who story. It's not even particularly good, if I'm honest (too many limp jokes about social workers, a guest appearance from the Queen, a cameo appearance from a mostly forgotten Hollywood star... all bolted onto a plot used two stories earlier by Remembrance of the Daleks). It *does* feature the Cybermen, but it's the silver giants at their most useless - standing around waiting to get shot, falling over at the slightest whiff of gold... sigh.

BUT! It also features a brilliantly evil 16th Century witch, Sylvester McCoy at his most puckish and entertaining, and the awesome Sophie Aldred tearing shit up. Seriously, look at this:

"So who'll be next... and who'll be lucky?" It takes balls to talk to a Cyberman like that. Ace rules.

And that's why I love Silver Nemesis.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Silver Surfer vs... The Daleks!

Pen, black ink and wash, then I applied a blue filter in Photoshop. Galactus was entirely done in wash.

This was another commission for "Masterful" Michael Rooth: the Silver Surfer vs the Daleks! I decided to throw Galactus into the background, so I didn't have to paint lots of stars. And who doesn't love that big, purple, planet-eater?

Daleks aren't necessarily the most fun to draw - lots of straight lines, no expression, they're basically just tanks - but I had some fun throwing in a few different types. We've got a couple of Sixties Daleks, a seventies model, and a new-Who version, all in their trademark hoverbouts!

I'm not sure I would class this as an unqualified success - I wish I'd done more Daleks for one thing - but it was fun. And I LOVE drawing the Surfer!