Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dropping Some NYC (NY Countdown Day Three)

Ey up! After yesterday's unnecessary excursion into the world of awesome courtesy of my man Warwick, it's back to the usual rubbish today. And hello, what's this?

A colour guide for Sirius. If you want to compare Jersey Gods to DC's New Gods, then this guy is our All-Father - wise and compassionate, though not altogether saintly.

This is an early design of enormous bastard Minog from issues one and two of JG. Other than the horns and the grisly demeanour, he looks totally different now.

An early design rough of our hero Barock (or Barrac, as he was back then. We changed the name cuz of you know who, though it weirdly looks even more like POTUS' name now. Ah well). Here, he's sporting the space helm which Glen designed for him and which I forgot to include every time we saw our hero in space. Note my putative title for the book: IDOLS. Hmmm...

An early go at the logo, by yours truly. It's OK, but not brilliant. We eventually went with something which I like a lot more.

I really wanted one of the heroes to have a dog - and so he does. Check out Dogstar - ain't he adorable? I'd like to do a backup with him, one day.

And, something for the dads, a sequence from issue one of our heroine Zoe in her knickers. I'm really pleased with Zoe - she's cute as a button! And give it up for our outstanding colourist, Miss Rachelle Rosenberg!


Mark Kardwell said...

Back in the good old days, before the realisation that there were girls here, I'd have piled in with some joke about knickers. But not now, guv! I'm on my best behaviour!

WJC said...

Thanks Dan (again)
Great Post (again) So much good gear and still wwo weeks worth to go.

WJC said...

wwo = 2.

Glad to hear you're on your best behavior Mark, I had a restless night trying to get Spiderman and his vanity cucumber out of dreams.

dylanio21 said...

That one at the bottom is really cool. I don't know why it's just a cool idea and ended up great.