Saturday, June 17, 2006


A little break from the TLM stuff - a quick photoshop sketch of Superman. Hurrah!


Dan McDaid said...

This is the Golden Age Superman, from the thirties and forties. A real man's man, who used to throw wifebeaters out of windows and punch dictators in the fiz. Cool guy - and definitely more hard-boiled than the current incarnation who is, lest we forget, a vegetarian.

I do not know this Oliver Smallbridge of whom you speak :)

Jay said...

Hey man, that superman is ..err.. super? strong intense expression and the composition is real nice, i saw it on DB i posted my finished dragon pic just after you posted your superman.

Expectations on the new movie? I dont hold much hope...

Kirstie McCrum said...

He's strong, obviously, but your interpretations of your own characters have a bite to them that he lacks. Stick with the patented McD ideas, and less of the dilly-dallying.

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is the Superman I remember from stealing my big brother`s old comics - well, someone very like him. He`s very masculine and commanding - the type of hero we`d all like on our sides. He`s
mature looking - sorry Brandon Routh but
you`re just too young. Come back when you`re like THIS super man!
More power to your pen, Dan.