Sunday, June 11, 2006


A test panel from TLM. I drew the SkyKnight using pencil and marker, then coloured it in Photoshop. The main shot I did entirely in PS. I'm pretty pleased with it, and if you cats dig it, then it'll definitely be the format for the strip (even though it took FOREVER (OK, one hour) to do).

Feedback very, VERY welcome.


Jay said...

Hey man, i love the painterly look of the main image, nice colours too, though the knight in the corner doesnt sit as well with it for some reason, i like them both but i prefer the main shot, my first though was 'transformers' when i saw it :)

Thanks for your email the other day dude i will reply in due course but I have a 'thing' going on at the moment which in consuming all my thougt..

Kirstie McCrum said...

Very WOTW, excellently executed.

Dan McDaid said...

Jay, I kind of see what you mean about the Knight. I think the problem is that he's a little overdrawn, where the rest of the piece is going for a straightforward animation quality (ie. thin lines and lots of colour). It's just a test panel to see if it works on-screen (which it does, I think) and to get people's feedback - but I'm glad you guys liked it. I'm really, REALLY glad it gives you that Transformers feeling: as I was putting it together I was thinking how much it reminded me of stickers from an 80s cartoon sticker album. Exactly what I was after.

Peach - thanks very much. And I'm really glad you thought War of the Worlds instead of "that robot from the Incredibles". Can you believe I originally called this thing the O-Droid (the very similar robot in TI is called the Omega Droid). All subconscious pilfering I assure you, but very irritating nonetheless.

Dan McDaid said...

Could you become equally hooked on something called Herowood? I'm thinking of making this more of a "heroes as celebrities" kind of thing. With jokes!

Josh said...

Very cool! Looking forward to more.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks a lot Josh - there's more on its way!

And I need to spend a little time on your blog - looks very intriguing!