Friday, June 09, 2006


A couple of slightly older, rougher pieces. Firstly, a sketch of Captain America, possibly running at some damn Hydra terrorist or something. Found this languishing on my hard drive at work, so thought it might be nice to let it get some air. As it were.

Then a little doodle I did at work while I was knocking some god-awful manuscript into shape. It's an ice skater. I really like her slightly cheesy grin and her legs. Nice.

And lastly Wonder Woman. I did for this for a jam on I think it looks a little bit like Cat Deeley (inferior British celebrity, for the benefit of our overseas readers).

Feedback welcome as always...


Dan McDaid said...

Huh. Your mother's "excellent".

God, I have no idea why I said that. Friday, man. Anyway, glad you like the drawings. There'll be more good stuff over the weekend, I hope.

Dan McDaid said...

At the risk of sounding gay, Wonder Woman has the *best* hair...!