Sunday, January 22, 2006


First of all, a thanks is due to Adam Christie from the justly renowned (and Times-promoted!) for linking me from his far superior site. Cheers Adam! I've returned the favour on the right there.

Second of all, some pics. Unusually for me, I did these straight into photoshop. By necessity, they're very crude as I come to grips with the techniques, but I like their cleanness and colour. There may be more of this sort of thing, if I ever get my arse into gear.

And a character design from way back, during my concept artist days. This little guy was an assistant to the hero of a platform game that, alas, never got off the ground. His name's Charlie, if I remember rightly.

And this is the main character in his guise as a mighty stone creature, back from the days when I was actually pretty good with photoshop (the whole thing was laid out, inked and coloured in PS.

OK, that was much, much duller than I'd expected. Never mind, I'm sure there'll be more scatology and stupidity next time.

I'm going now!


Kirstie McCrum said...

I love Charlie - he's my new wallpaper! (Sorry, Dogtanian.)

Dan McDaid said...

Hey hey! Glad you like, Peach. And I'm sure Dogtanian is man/dog enough to take this rejection on the chin.

Kirstie McCrum said...

The man/dog crossover is a little icky.

Gary Dunion said...

Charlie rather looks like the sort of assistant that the player, as the spiky rock bloke, would never get tired of smacking in the face.

Like a cross between a robot, a praying mantis and the paperclip off of Word.

Dan McDaid said...

Would you like a smack Gaz? Would you? A smack? A SMACK, GAZ?

No, you're right. If you factor in a bit of Woody Allen, you're pretty much there.