Friday, January 13, 2006

Blog blog bloggity blog

So this is being written on my fab new laptop. Hoo-bleeding-ray, and about bloody time. At this precise moment in time, Molly Ringwald and the rest of the cast of Sixteen Candles are sounding particularly muffled in that knackered early 1980s VHS way. See, this is why I hate blogs: how self-indulgent and boring is that? I’m watching Sixteen Candles? Wow Danny Zucco: tell me more.

The problem with blogs - and this will doubtless have been covered extensively elsewhere - is that they offer a platform to anyone to say anything. Problem is - as I’m discovering - not everyone has something to say. So you end up doing what I’m doing right now: tedious meta-commentary on, like, how boring blogs are, man.

Wait, some early eighties tits have just appeared on TV.

…okay, they’re gone.

So, apes. I had this idea while watching Kong the other night: what if - instead of Anne Darrow being captured by Kong, it was intrepid reporter Lois Lane? And what if - instead of biplanes knocking that damn dirty ape off the building, it was the Metropolis Marvel, Superman? That would be pretty cool, right? I hope so, because I’m planning on drawing that quite soon. Might be nice, with a bit of a sepia tint and a big ol’ Daily Planet banner across the top. Anyway, stay tuned my amorphous, silent, invisible chums.

Wait, eighties Joan Cusack in a neck-brace. Mmmm…

Anyway, what about the end of Lost? Yeah, let’s pretend I’m talking to someone. Enjoyable it was - good drama it was not. So they’re out in the water and then, what? Some sea paedos just happen to drop by? Yeah, you’ve got to watch out for those sea paedos (or as they’re sometimes known, “sea-dos”. Or “mari-nonces”. Or… um… ) - they’ll nab you when you least expect it. Stupid, manipulative plot contrivance. But strangely disquieting in its way, and you know… great cliffhanger. Bastards.


I have some art on the website for Walkers, the Scottish Short Bread people. Point your eyes at this, man (copy and paste)!

See that map? I did that. I'm not super, super pleased with the way it worked out (the colours are a little muddy and the background is *still* too pink despite my working away at it for what felt like a year - kind of looks like it was printed on human skin...), but it's nice to see it finally up there.


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