Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Silver Surfer vs... The Daleks!

Pen, black ink and wash, then I applied a blue filter in Photoshop. Galactus was entirely done in wash.

This was another commission for "Masterful" Michael Rooth: the Silver Surfer vs the Daleks! I decided to throw Galactus into the background, so I didn't have to paint lots of stars. And who doesn't love that big, purple, planet-eater?

Daleks aren't necessarily the most fun to draw - lots of straight lines, no expression, they're basically just tanks - but I had some fun throwing in a few different types. We've got a couple of Sixties Daleks, a seventies model, and a new-Who version, all in their trademark hoverbouts!

I'm not sure I would class this as an unqualified success - I wish I'd done more Daleks for one thing - but it was fun. And I LOVE drawing the Surfer!



Andy Luke said...


The blue wash is great.

WJC said...

Awesome! And a superb Surfer!

Mark Kardwell said...

Tht is feckin'... GLORIOUS.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, fellas!

monkeyfeather said...

Oh man, someone needs to write a Silver Surfer comic for you RIGHT NOW!!!

laseraw said...

this looks great!
love those dalek platforms!

Nathan Fairbairn said...

Wow! Too good!

Chad Bowers said...

Just found my desktop BG forevers!

Nice work, Mr. McDaid.

Dan McDaid said...

Cheers, guys!