Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"I Shall Become... a 4!"

Having missed the last few weeks of Comic TWART's, I decided the only way to catch up was to do a mash-up type thing. So here we see the all-new Fantastic Four: The Thing! Hawkman! Belit, Queen of the Black Coast! The Batman!

God, I love comic books.

This must be the unluckiest picture I've ever worked on. EVERYTHING went wrong with it - it got dropped on the floor, I drew a rubbish Batman (now patched over and made invisible by a much better Batman), I drew extraneous legs and wings that needed whiteing out and... God, a myriad other tiny problems.

BUT! I'm incredibly proud of how it worked out. And I'm hoping I can get the lovely Debs to do me some colours - fingers crossed!

EDIT: Faster than light, fellow TWARTist Nathan Fairbairn has coloured the pic. Debs will not be pleased - but I'm thrilled!



wolfboy said...

Look, I'm just going to say it: Hawkman's chest is glorious.

Seriously. Rad drawing.

NOW: please tell me how to create dot patterns in photoshop!!!

Dan McDaid said...

You know what? I think Hawkman's chest might be my favourite thing here as well.

I guess by dots you mean the halftone colour effect, right? The colours here were done by that wizard of the Wacom Nathan Fairbairn, but I *do* know how to do 'em myself. Will email shortly!

wolfboy said...

Much appreciated!