Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thunder Road

Cracking bit of Jersey Gods fanart from "Majestic" Michael Rooth (are these smarmy nicknames getting old, yet? I think I might drop them). Anyway - it's a stunner, isn't it? And a great way to send off the series.

There's also a lovely interview with me and Glen over at Comic Book Resources. I really should thank CBR - they've been great supporters of the book since day one (when they did a wicked video interview with Glen, with gorgeous animated inserts), and they've gone out of their way to keep tabs on us as the series has gone on. Thanks, chaps!

Anyway - LINKAGE

And a BIG splash from issue twelve - the spoiler sensitive should look away now (everyone else should click to OMAC-size it)!


wolfboy said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Dan...and heartbreaking.

Great article, btw.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, man! I'm going to miss JG quite a lot :(