Thursday, June 15, 2006


Toothache. Graah - feel all weird and hallucinate-y, like I'm going to turn into the Hulk. Excellent. But am I slacking? No, I'm not. Here's some stuff (whimper).

We'll start with a heads page for Sky-Knight, showing a couple of different expressions and an indication of the colour treatment I'm probably going for with the characters. Tintin style: flat shaded with a hint of lighting or tone here and there. I likes it:

What else (sob)? Oh yes, here's a (quite rough) sketch of SK's plane, Tempus Fugit. This is pencil, pen and photoshop tones. I don't think I'm anywhere near getting the shape of the plane right (thanks Leanne!) but I like the treatment a lot:

...and two different views of Sky-Knight. Here's him at the height of his powers, driving Excalibur into the ground after, presumably, winning World War One.

...and here's him at the, er, bottom of his powers. Ordering a drink at some godawful dive.

Actually, you chaps could help me out here a bit. Little style question: do you prefer the more densely-shaded character in the pic above or the flatter one in the pic below? Your answers will help me decide which is best (see? Interactive comics!).

Thanks. Also: ow.


Kirstie McCrum said...

I like the flatter one, I think it's more comic book, cleaner, which you know I prefer.
Liking SK's what ho 'tache also, gives him a gravity and dependability which all knights should have. Very impressive.

Dan McDaid said...

Thank you Peach - this is probably the route I'll take but I just wanted to get people's feedback on it. Ta!

Gary Dunion said...

Ow. I have a headache. It's the worst headache ever.

I know it's the worst one ever because all serious competitors happened to other people, and therefore aren't as bad.

Sky Knight has cheered me up a bit, though. I like the one with more shading.

Of course he bloody smokes. Woodbines. But I think he drinks brandy or scotch.


ps Nice 'tache

pps Ow.

Dan McDaid said...

Ah, sorry about the headache old man. And as you say, this is a gentleman of the old school - a cigarette is as vital an accessory as a hat. Or a moustache.

You're right about the booze of course - should really be a single malt. Will look into this.

And that's one vote each on either side of the shading/non-shading divide. Interesting...

Dan McDaid said...

Hello Mr Spink! Sorry, I was shunning you because of your toothache comment. Thanks for your thoughts big fella!

Dan McDaid said...

Hurrah! So it looks like I'm going for "flatter" so to speak. Unless anyone else has got some last-minute (ho ho!) feedback...?

Dan McDaid said...

Ta, Spinko! The mouth's much better by the way...!