Saturday, September 03, 2011

Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with Some Cables

This is the panel Doctor Who strip editor Scott Gray described as "Kurtzman-tastic". Shamefully, I know next to nothing about Harvey Kurtzman (and he's never been a direct influence), but I've been compared to him enough times that I need to find out more. Where should I start, gentle reader?

The panel above is from a recent strip I drew for Doctor Who Magazine, script by Johnny Morris (not that one. Or that other one. That one). Doctor Who has a beard now. Beards are not, and never will be, cool.



Dave Morris said...

Ooh yeah, I see that. A little bit Jack Davis too, which is no way a bad thing. You're channeling the greats and you don't even know it :)

For the crash course in Kurtzman, you could do worse than start with "Big If"
which shows what Scott Gray was thinking.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, Dave - I've seen bits of Big If before, but the whole thing is something special. Cheers!

Matt Zitron said...

You're just jealous of my beard.