Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Golden Age!

UPDATE! Now with added INK!

This was a recent commission piece, where the commissioner asked for 10 (actually 11, but I couldn't fit the Atomic Thunderbolt in) of his favourite Golden Age heroes in one super team. My initial instinct was to do something really dynamic and showy, with the characters all racing towards us, lots of speedlines etc. But I feel like I do that sort of thing quite a lot, so I had a go at doing something a bit more thoughtful. A bit more - dare I say it - Alan Moore-y.

These heroes are, going clockwise from the left: Stardust, Moon Girl, Hydroman, Green Giant, Blue Fire, Doc Strange, Iron Vic (that's the guy with the cigarette - my favourite, as you can probably tell), Kid Tyrant (how about that name??), Black Cat and, in the centre, a guy called Strongman. As you can probably tell, I've worked out a whole backstory to go with this picture - I might work it up into a pitch sometime.

- D


Unknown said...

Hey Dan,

I've not been very good at keeping up with everybody's blogs lately but just dropped by to catch up a little. Lovely work you've been putting up, top stuff! Absolutely love that Hulk a few posts back.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks a lot, Faz - too kind!

Kevin Moorhead said...

Again, I really dig Stardust's face here (just perfect) as well as Iron Vic's. And I love Kid Tyrant's pose as well as Dan's placing Moon Girl behind Stardust like that.