Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doctor Who in TV Action!

This was a present for a friend of mine. He's a big fan of the 1970s comic Countdown, which featured the third Doctor in stunning, fully painted action in every issue. I haven't quite managed to replicate that look (or the quality of the art therein - it really was beautiful stuff), but I've had a decent stab at it. And I really enjoyed drawing Pertwee.

More importantly, my pal *loved* it. Job done!



Ade Salmon said...

That's bloody stunning - no other words for it! I loved the Hellboy/Ghostie piece - but this hits even closer to home. Your pal is a lucky bloke!


Scott Harrison said...

A simply gorgeous piece of comic book art, perfectly capturing the look and style of Countdown. Would look wonderful framed and on the wall!

Dan McDaid said...

Cheers, Ade!

Cheers, Ade!

Thanks a lot, Scott! It did look *lovely* in a frame, I haveta say,

ChrisDWilliams said...

Great balths of fire!
Love those Countdown angled frames. Marvelous stuff! Lucky friend

Dan McDaid said...


Colin Lorimer said...


Isi said...

Hi Dan,
just a speculative question regarding the Manus Maleficus: was it just a machine shaped like a hand, or was it a part of something bigger...?
Food for thought,