Thursday, July 01, 2010

Der Flugel-Mensch!

From the last two weeks, this is my favourite page that I drew.

Not much call for Kirby-style histrionics for this particular project, so I've indulged my more Caniff-y, Robbins-y, Romita-y side. I also get to draw my favourite thing - some bozo drawing a comic book page!



rico said...

Wow, looks great sir!

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, Rico!


Ade Salmon said...

Isn't the thumb in the final panel a little small in contrast to the pencil ? Otherwise awesome!


Dan McDaid said...

Oh bugger - I think you're right.

This is a job for... Photoshop!

Doc Shaner said...

And Caniff-y Robbins-y it is, Dan. I love when you lean on this side of your influences. The inks in particular are fantastic.