Sunday, August 16, 2009


OK, I'm not allowed to show too much of this yet - obv - but I just finished drawing Jersey Gods 8 and felt I had to show off. So cop a loada these:

Barock, shown here blasting... is that *Zoe*?

Really pleased with this sequence. It's just three people talking - albeit in space - but it works quite nicely.




Geoffrey Boycott said...

It's about time Barock showed Zoe who's boss with a good blast to the face.

Dan McDaid said...


Ade Salmon said...

I'm diggin' where you are taking this inking! Is this brush pen on paper ?


Dan McDaid said...

Hello Ade! It's actually brush (I use a rennaissance sable no. 3 - love it!) and W&N india ink on Bristol Board. I really like working with a brush pen for sketches and roughs, but can't quite make it work on finished pieces, for some reason.

Thanks for the kind words. I inked that last panel when I had no energy and no time, and I think it's one of my favourite things I've done.

(and you're killing it on the Time Team at the moment - I *love* your slightly scratchier, more spontaneous approach)

Dan McDaid said...

PS. to "Geoffrey Boycott" - you naughty bastard. :)

monkeyfeather said...

Metrosaur lives RULES!
8 is looking SWEET!

wolfboy said...

Incredible; you are getting even better--if that's possible.