Friday, August 14, 2009

Hard Science!

A few years ago - probably just before I landed a job with Doctor Who Magazine, and maybe six months before I got into Comic Book Idol - I had this idea. As ideas go it wasn't up to much - basically a remix of Challengers of the Unknown/Fantastic Four - but it would've been lively, fun nonsense, mixed in with a lot of daffy comics science and some fun time travel/soap opera hijinks. It was called HARD SCIENCE - and here are the first (and only) pages.

I think it stands up quite well - especially the colour stuff. And it was around this time that I realised I *loved* doing my own lettering. Woo!

Next time - something new!

UPDATED: image 3 now works. Knock yerselves out.



Matt Schuler said...

I was just fiddling around in my sketchbook with an idea that was similar to your idea involving inspiration from Stan and Jack's Fantastic Four and Lost in Space...except I was hoping to do a bunch of alternate universe crap with it.

You know you might have to figure out a way with Glenn to figure out how to get Metrosaur into Jersey Gods now...


Dan McDaid said...

Ha, I'll get right on that!

Maybe I'll come back to this someday. It was cute.