Sunday, June 01, 2008

Warm Up Sketch: BLAM!

Hot cowboy action!
Drawn with brush and PITT pens, in m'sketchbook. Yee-haw.


Anonymous said...

Love yer cowboy, Dan. 'Bout time a tradtional hero type was gettin' a look-in again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting us on to Keith Olbermann. Amazin' stuff. Gonna check 'im out again. Happy Sunday!

Mark Kardwell said...

I like the way you do gun fire: shaky hands, glowing barrels, mounds of discarded shells, the background obscured by handwritten sound effects - pure overkill. You should do a strip in that style sometime: just two guys unloading a load of ordnance at each other.

Dan McDaid said...

Anonymous, yer welcome. I normally leave my political leanings out of this here forum, but I thought KO (heh)'s diatribe was too good not to share. It's flawed (he gets a bit carried away at some points, while at others you can kind of "feel" that it's a performance - albeit one that's given with genuine passion and insight)... but good stuff nonetheless.

Mark - fuck yes. I'd never considered doing something as straightforward as that (always thinkin' about the subtext dontcherknow) but that sounds like a lot of fun.