Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wrong about Spiders

Blistering barnacles, I'm itching to tell the world about this thing that I'm working on with "Glorious" Glen Brunswick! But Glen (and our publishers) want to do the publicity right, so I can't very well blow the whole thing open here, can I? All I can say is it's gonna have a distinct Kirby flavour (natch), which is why Glen gets that "Glorious" handle (a wee riff on Glorious Godfrey and the jokey Stan Lee-isms of Silver Age Marvel)*. And also that I'm halfway through issue two and it looks, I reckon, pretty cool. When it's common knowledge I'll post up some designs and other bits and pieces and you cats can judge for yourselves.

So, let's forget that for the time being. What else is on? Oh, there's that other thing I can't talk about yet. The Doctor Who thing. I can probably say that I'm writing some stuff for DWM - that should be alright. My next script contains the words "Baron Greenback", "Loligo" and "Boomerang". Among lots of others. When it's out, I'll put some design sketches and maybe some bits of script up on here.

In the meantime then...

For Kyle Latino, Orson Crandall from Iron Fist. A real quickie, but I like this okay. He's way cooler in the actual book though.

Because I'm a sucker for a) all things eighties and b) anything Marvel UK, here's a Death's Head:

An' finally, Debs coloured some old sketches I did. I gave her minimal instruction (just a little basic photoshop jargon and some very broad shading tips) and let her get on with it. They look cool! I really dig some of her decisions here: the little light on Hulk's face, the neat offset colours. It's pretty hip.

*I'm "Dynamic" Dan McDaid by the way. If you knew me better, you'd realise this was pretty funny/ironic/inaccurate.


Mark Kardwell said...

If you ever want a second opinion on any of your secret pages, you know where to find me. And I'm terribly discreet.

Kev Levell said...

Really great Kirbyesque style ques here and there and lovely work on your blog overall!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!