Friday, May 23, 2008

Warm-Up Sketch

For Gene Colan.

Pentel brush pen and PITT pen. Sorry it's not better. Gene's terribly ill at the moment, so if you want to donate a little something, you can click here.


Jay said...

wow, you have been busy. Far too much to comment on individually. But everything is so consistent and stylish its just crazy. As you know I've always been jealous of this especially as im allll over the place, like the littlest hobo, maybe tomorrow i'll wanna settle down, until tomorrow i'll just keep moving on (you do the tune)

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, Jay. I'm hopefully reaching a point where all my influences meld into something cohesive. And despite what you say, I always see a certain "Jason-ness" in your work, so I think there is consistency there - it's just a bit subtler.

And now I have that song in my head, so you know... cheers. :)

Anonymous said...

That makes me think of Steve Gerber, as well.