Monday, May 12, 2008

Unimportant Newsflash!

The first one was done with acrylic black ink and an ink wash. I think I might have posted it before - sorry about that. The second one is a Wacom/PS jobby.

I REALLY like drawing the Thing!

If anyone out there in Internet Land wants me to draw the Thing for them, I will happily draw the Thing for them.

Atcherlly, that reminds me: I am always available for commissions. Get in touch via the email /comment section and let me know what you want.


Mark Kardwell said...

I really should do the right thing and let you take a pop at my I LIKE BOTH KINDS OF COMICS, KIRBY AND DITKO sketchbook.

Dan McDaid said...

Do this thing! I'm more of a Kirby guy - but then I think you knew that.

Man, I totally forgot to sign yer copy of DWM. I'm a plum!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan:

This is David (of the vendable persuasion). Commissions usually cost much more than I could afford right now, but, if by some chance, you wanted to use the more art-oriented term for requests, I'd love to see your variation on . . . Angel (from Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt's show) or Static (also known as Static Shock).

mattcrap said...