Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Warm-Up Sketch - Doc Savage

This was done with a Pentel Brush pen and 2B pencil on printer paper, with a little bit of PITT fineline for the fire and sundry details.

I actually did this in the middle of the night on account of being bored and unable to sleep, which means I am already breaking the Warm-Up Sketch rules. Never mind, I hope you like it anyway. Next up... Dream from Sandman, or Atomic Robo, or Mister Miracle (cheers to Kyle Latino, Mattcrap and Wilfredo Torres for the suggestions - keep 'em coming!)



Kyle Latino said...

I don't throw this term out for just anything, but: B*tch'n!

How about something obscure... Bozo the Iron Man. That'll give you a wiki-workout. Haha

Mark Kardwell said...

There's something more than a little Venture Bros about this Doc Savage, with his little head/big body combination.

If you're still taking requests, howzabout this 'un, as a companion piece to the Doc (and I know you're a fellow Frank Robbins fan): THE SHADOW?

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks Kyle. I'll... Jesus. Bozo the Iron Man. I'll see what I can do :)

Mark - frigging love Venture Bros (when I get a chance to see it). I was actually thinking more of Tom Strong as I was drawing DS, but they're all the same archetype, right? Consider your request added to my SPECIAL LIST.