Friday, April 20, 2007

Grrn frrrg yrrrslvvsss

Zombie attack! This is something I did for my pal Matt: he and a few programming types/games design types are working on what sounds like a corking idea for a videogame and he asked me if I would provide a cover. And here it is, from first stage roughs to final colours. Hurrah! I had a *lot* of fun doing the zombies, and was so confident that I would get them right that I sketched them in only very loosely before going in with the blacks (I usually pencil quite tightly cos I hate doing corrections). Lots of dangling entrail and splashes of ink - top fun!




And a nice close up of the zombie scum:

Frrg yrrz!!


Anonymous said...

I really like the sketch - very Dante. And the finished work is equally hellish. The zombies are disgusting and the red with - with all that implies - is actually unsettling. Excellent job, Dan McDaid!

Anonymous said...

Great one Danoblasm.

We're still working on the game and we could do with all the help in the world.

We are a small band of enthusiasts who are making an open sourced game entirely on the free. It'll be free to download, free to play, free to enjoy.

If you know of anyone with an interest in fresh brains and rotting flesh and either a passing ability at art like Dan (ha ha, just jokes man!) or you're a programmer or a 3D artist then log yourself very much over to this website and we can all deadly.

Anonymous said...

I've just worked out what this blog title means


God Bless Zombie Dave.

Dan McDaid said...

Hooray for Zombie Dave!

Rrrv pzzzd mrrrzlv.

Anonymous said...

ahhhmmuh mssssvvv cnnnnnnnh

mattcrap said...

nicely done, Danny

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks Mattcrap - and cheers for sticking with the blog man!

SRH said...

Love the coloring on this. The white area is perfectly framed.

The lettering is spot on too. Sometimes I think text is the forgotten element of many a cover. It is just thrown on there slap-dash and considered relatively irrelevant.