Saturday, January 06, 2007

Updates ho!


Here's a few things from the portfolio. This is the year of the big push, illustration-wise: I've been kind of sitting around on my arse for too long, too scared to put my work out there. So this is it: a few bits from portfolio that I'll be sending out to publishers etc. If you like 'em, let me know. If you don't, let me know why!

This was a design I did for a games company a few years back for (guess what) a project that never came about. Damn shame, cos it was a really, REALLY cool idea. Anyway, here's one of the maps from that I've tweaked and painted up in photoshop.

The player character from same.

Hmmm... what else? Alright, here's a couple of things I coloured up recently. Firstly, that Lara Croft pin-up - and secondly (from way back) a shot of Banquo and son fleeing Macbeth's assassins in my (never-realised) update of the Scottish play. I'm really pleased with the colours on these - and I plan on applying this style to a slightly more ambitious piece soon. Stay tuned!


mattcrap said...


I am freakin' out about this coloring. In the same style as that updated super-retro version of the TLM cover.

I definitely wanna see more of this stuff

Dan McDaid said...

Ha ha! Thanks man. This is the colouring style I'm pursuing from now on - glad you dig it! There should - all being well - be something pretty major coming in this same style soon.

Dan McDaid said...

Man, Aztecs have *never* gone out of fashion.

Jay said...

hey dude, the last images tone and colour is great, really compliments the inking.

I'd really like to see a revist and maybe more exploration of the Island. In fact your your style would really suite a dr moreau style story. No pressure like...


Dan McDaid said...

That's a pretty cool idea Jay. I actually saw the Island as being home to the Aztec Warrior character from TLM - but it could be turned to any purpose I s'pose.

SRH said...

Those are sweet. You are so correct: Aztecs never go out of style.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, D!
The map of The Lost Island of AZ-ATOLL is so intriguing. Just who made those footsteps? I SO want to know the whole story and see it brought to life by you.
The colouring of the Lara Croft pin-up is first class. I can`t believe how it has enhanced an already atmospheric piece. As for Banquo and son . . . this looks so gritty and compelling. Please finish your reworking of The Scottish Play soon! BJ

Anonymous said...

Dannabell, sorry to spray personal messages over all over your blog but I seem to have lost your email.

Would you be a dear and email me please?

Hey, you can all email me if you like, but I've got a big enough penis and I've won several lotteries with my recently car crashed relatives this year. Thanks.

I'm going to be in Glasgow in the summer visiting some sweaty geek friends of mine and thought hanging around and bothering you for a bit sounded like some sort of fun.

Nice art work by the way, good to see you're making something of it, you're also getting noticably and progressively better. You big lug.

Remembering back to the flat with the pineapple light fitting and the wierd eye picture on the wall, the return of docteur qui must be like a gift to you. Do you still have that old, yellow text book? Post it up!

Also, hurry up and move to London. Email me.
Love you.