Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Not Bounty Hunter... Yes?

DEATH'S HEAD! A long-time Marvel UK fave, breakout character from Transformers and recurrent foil for TV's own Doctor Who. Surely he's about due his day in the sun? I just realised... this big metal bastard is definitely going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy III isn't he?


Paul Castle said...

Are you saying that Death's Head *is* in GOTG3, or that it'd be cool if he were?

I remember his very first appearance, back when I was reading Marvel UK's Transformer comic each week, but lost track of him after his post-TF encounter with the 7th Doctor in Dr Who Magazine in which he was reduced to human size. Possibly one of my favourite obscure comics characters ever, yes?

Dan McDaid said...

Pure speculation, though I think he would fit in really well with Guardians' freewheeling approach to superheroics. I also think that Marvel must be looking at the success of obscuro characters like Deadpool, Legion and Cable and thinking about how to round out their movies with similar cult figures. Fingers crossed anyway!

Paul Castle said...

He's such a visually stunning character and has a very mimic-able way of talking that they'd be mad not to bring him into the MCU, first by way of GOTG, then his own movie.