Sunday, March 24, 2013

Way Too Blue

A couple of different takes on the same colour image. I couldn't decide if I wanted this all-Metebelis blue, or to have a nice mix of hues in there. So here's both, and you can decide for yourselves!


Charles R. Rutledge said...

Both look great. By the way, I've had several people look at the drawing and say, "So this is a cover, right? When is this coming out?"

Paul Brigg said...

Shades of blue is way better -- only suggestion I have would be to maybe lighten or in some way highlight the hungry spider mouths a little bit.

The composition is immaculate.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, Charles - that's very gratifying. I'd love this to be a comic too.

Cheers, Paul, I think I agree.

James A. Moore said...

I like them both,but I have to say the red eyes catches the attention and promises a certain level of carnage. Either way, awesome piece. And, yes, I'd pay for the comic.