Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I was very excited about the new Man of Steel trailer. I've got some small reservations from what I've seen so far - it feels like the film is going to move VERY SLOWLY through the whole "will Clark Kent live up to his destiny" business, then cram a metric ton of collateral damage and fisticuffs into the last half hour. OR (more likely), it'll be very, very long indeed - essentially two films bolted together - which seems to be a given with these summer b-busters at the moment. The Hobbit's just shy of three hours apparently. Three hours! Christ.

And then there's the whole bit with the world being too big, and Ma Kent (for it is she) advising him to "make it small". Weird, creepy advice, though not a patch on Pa Kent's "kill 'em all and let God sort it out" admonishment. I bet when these bits turn up in the movie they'll be incredibly potent and effective, but they're maybe a bit too ambiguous for the purposes of a trailer (particularly with all that soaring, inspirational warbling going on in the background - I'm not supposed to find Pa Kent's "maybe" stirring, am I?)

But balls to all that, because as soon as Superman takes off into the sky the whole thing suddenly makes thrilling sense. And then this guy turns up:

Michael Shannon as Zod. He's going to be the best thing in the film, you wait and see.

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