Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glasgow Comic Con

Dan’s too busy to write up his visit to the Glasgow con so I, in my role as Best Girlfriend Ever, am doing it for him.

It’s a fairly small con but the guest list was excellent – Rufus Dayglo, Alan Grant, Jon Haward, Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jim Starlin, John Wagner, as well as various small press publishers. 

Dan before the crowds

Loads of people came for sketches and poor old Dan didn’t stop all day – 40 sketches by 3pm! Suffice to say, he was knackered by the end of it, but still a happy bunny. We sold out of sketchbooks and met some very nice people - including Twitterfriends Mark Toner and Colin Bell. Here are some of Dan's sketches from that day:



Commissioner Gordon

Dan, Rufus and Jon


Drawing Matt Smith

Man-Thing in progress

The finished Man-Thing

Hellboy pencils

Robin and Superman

Drawing the Hulk



Love that Joker!

Cosplayers - Scottish Spider-Man with Storm

On a break outside the venue and another sketch for a nice man and his son. 

Request of the day goes to Colin Bell for asking for Dan’s own character- Sky-Knight (watch this space!) 

Captain America

Last sketch of the day – Spider-Man/Peter Parker 

Thanks to everyone who came along to chat and who bought a sketchbook. Also to Sha Nazir for organising the event and inviting us.



Jackie Tam said...

Dan, you seriously need to come do a US Convention (NYCC!).

Dan McDaid said...

Jackie, if I don't make it to NYCC 2013 I'm seriously going to hand in my comics pro card. Which means... see you there, I guess!

Jackie Tam said...

NYCC 2013 = Announcement of Dan McDaid's next project from Oni Press?

Simon B said...

Wonderful sketches! I would say I love your Man-Thing... but you might get the wrong impression ;-)

I'll have to catch up with you at a con sometime... and maybe get a follow-up sketch to the Spidey/Sandman art I bought off you

All the best,
cerebus660 ( Simon )

Le Mc said...

Yay!!! Dan is amazing!

I'm surprised no one asked for Majenta!

Ayesongs said...

My daughter loves that Matt Smith that you are drawing here. It has pride of place on her wall, all beautifully framed and everything.

Thanks, Dan.