Friday, October 14, 2011

Batman, She Wrote!


(OK, there are SOME words. This was a recent commission by Billy "Aqualec" Tournas, who asked for a team up between Jessica Fletcher and Batman. Bruce and Alfred, as per every other episode of Murder, She Wrote, are a pair of old friends who live out of town. I went for the "Year Two" late eighties Batman, so Bruce is a bit younger here than usual (and I used the David Mazzuchelli Wayne Manor for the background in panel one). Check out the label on Bruce's champagne bottle - he'd have his own vineyard, right? And for one night only, he's the butler. What a mensch.

(Massive thanks to Billy for the commission - thanks, man!)



aqualec said...

Honestly mate i'm just glad you were willing to do it!

Will Sliney said...

I fixed Angela Landsburys computer a few months ago. True story

Dan McDaid said...

I once threw Angela Lansbury's copper kettle at Whoopi Goldberg's cat.

Philip A. Buck said...

Wow this is the kind of stuff I sit and day dream about. Great job!