Monday, August 15, 2011


A recent (quite mad) commission piece.

My undying love and respect if you can name all the robots in this picture!



Ryan K Lindsay said...

The T-800, obviously, then IG 88, and Yul Brenner from Westworld (no name I know of off the top of my head). R2-D2, pretty sure I see cylons and Daleks, and Klaatu (is it Klaatu, that was the name, right?). Then, is that the chick robot from Metropolis? And is that K.I.T.T.?

But that damn teddy robot is killing me, I got nothing.

Overall, great pic and IG-88 nails it for me. He needs more pin ups, the whole bounty hunter crew do!

Dan McDaid said...

In order: right, right, right, right, wrong, wrong, almost right (Klaatu is the alien, not the robot), wrong and right.

As for the teddy-bot, here's a clue you can run through google: "he's a lot of fun, he weighs half a ton".


paulhd said...

So that's Maximillian, Tweakie and Metal Mickey and Gort left. I think.
Cracking pic, too!

Dan McDaid said...

Good spots, Paul! Just a couple to go (right at the back :)

paulhd said...

I was going to say I can't see that small, the I notice Huey and Dewey from Silent (best film ever) Running.
Is the to T1000 next to Max?

Mark Clapham said...

Are those Quarks and Chumblies either side of Huey and Dewey?

Mark Clapham said...

Oh, and between Maximillian and Yul's legs that could be either a Raston Warrior Robot or the robot from Laputa. Or it could be something someone's already got.

Dan McDaid said...

Paul - Huey and Dewey, yes! But that's not the T1000 :)

Mark, you clever bastard! Good spot with the Quarks and Chumblies and, yes, that is the Raston Warrior Robot!

Thanks for playing everyone!

Kevin said...

Anything with Max in it is automatically ~awesome~ ;) Plus how cool is IG-88.