Monday, June 20, 2011

Weapon X

This just up on COMIC TWART:

I first read Weapon X round at my friend Alex Jamal's house. Marvel Comics Presents, issues... I don't know. Maybe from issue one onwards? I don't remember. What I do remember is having my tiny mind completely blown by Barry Windsor Smith's stunning, horrible, gorgeous artwork and - just as importantly - his spare, punchy, visceral writing (I probably wouldn't have used the word "visceral" back then. Then again, I might - pretentious child). For a while, I was fascinated by Windsor-Smith, how his art morphed from the early Kirby-stuff to the more delicate, art nouveau-inspired stuff. I even kind of got into Mucha cos of how much it reminded me of BWS.

I haven't thought about Weapon X and Barry Windsor-Smith much since the early 90s, so it was a real pleasure to go back to them for this Twart. If I have time, I might do a colour version of this.



Ade Salmon said...

I remember picking up the Weapon X saga and it blew me away too Dan! It reminded everyone that BWS was still a real contender in comics after he dropped out to do Gorblimey prints and whatnot.

Love your piece - really captures the vibe well.


Shane said...

Okay, this shot really grabs me, fantastic layout! Wepaon X is what made me realize who BWS was, even though I had already read so much of his stuff. Thanks for sharing this!

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks Ade! Yeah, BWS is one of comics' great stylists - now, weirdly, somewhat forgotten. An amazing talent though, and a fascinating figure. What's Gorblimey?

Shane (or should I call you Nuke?:) - thanks a lot. I've struggled a bit with the last few Twarts, but this image popped into my head last night, and I couldn't resist. The helmet is the abiding image of the whole series, so I knew it should be front and centre. Cheers again!

Ade Salmon said...

Barry set up Gorblimey for his prints after he left Conan. Still going I think.