Thursday, June 02, 2011

Back in Time!

Hey you! I thought you might like to know that the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out, and it features ten pages of utterly mental comic strip from Jonathan Morris and, well, me. Here's a snibbet:

Colours by James Offredi. Oh man, he killed on this thing. Wait till you see it!

Buy it and make my old man proud!



Stephen Thompson said...

A subtle palette and colour that isn't rendered to hell! Truly he is a keeper.

james corcoran said...

Great panel,I'll be sure to pick this up today great to see you back on the Doctor

Mark Kardwell said...

Nuns with guns? How very WJC!

Doc Shaner said...


Dan McDaid said...

Stephen - damn straight. James is a good 'un, alright.

James - thanks! Hope you dig it.

Mr C - I know, I know... Don't let on, right?

Evan - cheers, Doc!