Monday, October 25, 2010


Another panel from that secret project I'm working on for Oni Press. This is such a bad-ass idea for a book, it's all I can do not to spill the beans right here. But you'll just have to wait!



WJC said...

How long? How long do w have to wait????

james corcoran said...

Is that the face or at least the helmet of Evil?

Paul Conrad said...

Big secret..I can tell from looking at this what it is:
You guys are doing the Ultimate Evil Knievel graphic novel!; pitting his superhuman stunt skills vs. a cosmic menace that threatens the earth!

Dan McDaid said...

Warwick - you must wait ONE HUNDRED YEARS (I think it's scheduled to hit in February :)

JC, it *is* the helmet of Evel - good spot!

Paul - God, that does sound awesome. Let's pitch it!

Paul Conrad said...

'I'm game! :D
Happy Halloween!