Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enter: Sandman!

This is this week's Sandman TWART, without colours and before I fixed the values in photoshop.

I really enjoy drawing Spider-Man, but I *love* drawing Sandman. He's big and he's blunt and he looks like he's falling apart. And the stripes are a deceptively simple design element which help define his physique and make him pop. After years of being ambivalent about Steve Ditko, I'm coming round to the idea that he is probably a genius.

And this is the drawing I did to warm up for the Flint Marko piece. I botched the gun, unfortunately, but I enjoyed drawing this austere, 1930s version of Morpheus, a contrast to the be-robed, Robert Smith-esque version of the nineties.



Pj Perez said...

Dan, this might be one of my favorite things you've ever drawn. Love the Romita shapes on the Spider-man too.

Dan McDaid said...

I know I talked a bit about Ditko here and on TWART, but when I'm drawing Spider-Man all I hear in my head is Romita Romita Romita. Romita.

Anyway - cheers, Pj!

James Figueiredo said...

Yeah, Romita did define Spider-Man unequivocably for a lot of us, didn't he? :)

Also, Dan - Your Sandman pic should be a poster, I can't get over how AWESOME it is From Morpheus' design to the movement on Wesley to the layout and composition of the whole thing...Jus wow, man.


Dan McDaid said...

James! Thanks a lot, man. I honestly had a hell of a time with that pic (used it as a warm-up to get some of the kinks out), but it came out pretty well. And I'm *super* pleased with the Morpheus design. Cheers!