Friday, June 25, 2010

The Baker Boys!

Another recent commission for Mr K Moorhead esq. I thought C. Baker was going to be the tough one here on account of him being a bit of a pudding (apologies if C Baker is reading this... also, I've got a nerve describing anyone else as a pudding. But at least I've got great eyebrows) and Tom has much more distinctive features. But Colin was an absolute breeze, whereas I sweated hard over Tom Baker's face. So to speak.

Another appearance from the "figure in background drawn in wash" effect, you'll notice. I love it, and I plan on using it all the time from now on.


(NB. Prints of my work will shortly be available. Email me at the address to the right if you're interested. I'm also taking commissions, so why not drop me a line if you want me to draw something for you?)

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