Sunday, January 31, 2010


The colour version! Pencils and inks by me, colours be m'lady Debs (and me, a bit).

Check out the original (and many, MANY other beautiful versions of Dave Stevens' iconic character), HERE.

EDITED TO ADD: This wasn't my first go at the Rocketeer. I did this one, but... gah. Botched the legs, and didn't have time to fix/re-do them.


Unknown said...

This piece is a beaut! Great job... glad you're participating in the Comic Twart endeavour.

Doc Shaner said...

I really dig the colors on this one, Danny. It's a great muted gold.

Of course, I like your second take too. I can't believe none of the rest of us thought about putting in some giant zeppelins.

mattcrap said...

way to take it up a notch, Danny!

Jay said...

sweet dude, Debs has a great eye for colour

Isi said...

Just read "The Crimson Hand: Part 3" and...

...oh god :o

He just did a Rorschach.
He just did a Prof Xavier in X-men 3.
He just did a...

God, I'm slightly traumatised now. This is getting really dark.
Dark is good though: I like it!

*canned audience clap*


Dan McDaid said...

Ha! Glad you're enjoying it. And I was definitely thinking Jean Grey/Professor X in that scene.

Things get even darker next month.. MWAH HA HA HA HA!

Isi said...

Even darker?? I might have to invest in some stadium lights.
Here's hoping MP comes to her senses.
Good stuff Dan!