Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jersey Gods - WIP

Don't think I've done one of these for Jersey Gods, so here goes.

I start off with a very small thumbnail - that's where I work out where the panels are gonna go, what sort of size they're going to be, etc. Sometimes I'm in the mood to do lots of experimental stuff with the panels, sometimes I want to play it straight. This time, I'm keeping it simple. (Don't bother clicking this, by the way - it really is tiny)

A size up. Here's where I start to refine the storytelling a bit. I also use the blank bit of the paper to work some stuff out - what the afro guy will look like, how Zoe's friend is going to be dressed etc.

Pencils. I work solely in blue-line these days. Partly cos you don't have to do a load of erasing at the end, but also cos my brain finds it easier to separate blue from black than grey from black. That makes it easier to concentrate on the inks, when the time comes.

Inks! I use a mix of brush and ink, pitt pens and markers to ink (though I generally favour the brush, cos I love the variation of line it gives me).

And that's it! Exciting stuff, what?


WJC said...

Exciting indeed! Cannot help but love a WIP post. Lovely work as always Dan.

Mr. Scribbles said...

Very cool man! Thanks for sharing the process. I love hearing how people work.

Paul Conrad said...

Wow Dan,
Thanks for sharing your process here. ALWAYS inspiring--keep it up!

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks chaps!

Unknown said...

Thanks for that, Dan!

It's always cool to see how each artist takes a page from start to finish.