Monday, January 18, 2010

Cheg on - you am a TWART

I'm not busy enough at the moment, so I decided to join a... what would you call it? A sketch troupe? A Bore of Artists? I dunno, but this is it anyway:

I find myself in the company of genuine comic art luminaries, such as:

Mitch Gerads
Mitch Breitweiser
Mike Hawthorne
Tom Fowler
Steve Bryant
Ron Salas
Nathan Fairbairn
Andy Kuhn
Chris Samnee
Evan "Doc" Shaner
... and that Irish guy. Declan something or other.

Pretty bloody heavyweight, I think you'll agree.

So our first week's subject was Zorro. I didn't do the best one (I think that's between Andy Kuhn and Mike Hawthorne - but gawd, they're all ace so far... and I hear Francesco Francavilla's gonna join us later, and he is THE MAN when it comes to Zorro), but mine is pretty cute, I guess:

I really dig the whole "Gay Blade" side of Zorro. He should be having fun - he's living the dream!

I did another one, but rejected it as too... I don't know. It just doesn't work, and I don't know why:

We're going to be doing a sketch a week, a different character each time. When it's my turn to pick a character, I'm gonna choose...

Actually - I'm open to suggestions!



Jeff said...

Being the big Zorro fan that I am, I was really excited to see all of these, and I think they were great (though you're right about Hawthorne's). You definitely nail the kind of fun-loving, people's hero aspect of the character here, which is something that the other takes don't really capture as well.

Ade Salmon said...

My fave's the second piece actually. I like the idea of the little red Z amidst the black - makes it an illustration ( if you know what I mean?). Anyhow I look forward to more of your Twart pieces Dan.


Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, fellas!

Ade, I see what you mean - I was quite taken with the little red Z myself. Actually, I think it's Zorro's face that doesn't work for me here - it's the wrong attitude (I think).

Pj Perez said...

That so ... gay ... blade ...

Nice work as always, Danny.

Now let's both of us find some extra time for ... you know ...

WJC said...

Definitely The Gay Blade though the red zed's a peach.
I hope you'll consider Power Man when you pick.

Stephen Thompson said...

I think it's Duncan Shalvey...or Dermot. Something like that anyway.

Mark Kardwell said...

Reckon the guys who did the best Zorros were the guys who just gave in and went as Toth as possible.

Suggestions for who to pick? Knowing your predilections... Hulk? Thor?

Dan McDaid said...

@Stephen Thomson - Duncan Dermot? Dennis Deccles?

@Mark - Hulk good! I'm also thinking about Black Lightning...

Paul Conrad said...

Hey Dan,
Love the zorros...and I don't have the problem that you do with the second image....I actually like it best.
Very powerful. Dude, I'd love to see your take on BL...& how about Doc Savage? Either sound like fun to me!

ANDY KUHN said...

i dig that second zorro piece. pretty badass!

Chad Bowers said...

Great Zorro -- just beautiful, man.

Looking forward to seeing who you guys're going to pick next.

As for suggestions: Death's Head, yes?

Mike Hawthorne said...

I LOVE you're entry, but I really dig the rejected one too, man. I dig the controlled menace.


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