Saturday, December 05, 2009


Or do I mean MMMMAHT? Whatever, here's a sneak preview of issue ten of JERSEY GODS. Ooh!

After the relatively formal first issues, I'm trying to see if I can have some fun with the layout without breaking the story flow.



Le Mc said...

Love the layout.

mick statham said...

Hi, first time visit. Just wanted to say that I'm loving your work.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, chaps. Mick, thanks for stopping by - hope you stick around!

Isi said...

*panel love* the structure! :D

oo err, that tube thing with sparkles looks nasty...i'm gonna assume it makes people turn into sparkly vampires (which would actually be more of a torture act than what is probably happening...).

i can't believe your "reign" is almost over, Dan! I'm gonna miss you in this :(


Dan McDaid said...

Lord iEvil, you're gonna make me cry! :(

No, the sparkly tube thing doesn't turn you into a sparkly vampire! But it can cause headaches.

I'm really thrilled you're enjoying the saga of the Crimson Hand - I'm hoping I can do more Who in the future :)

Isi said...

Dan McDaid, you're making ME cry! :') just does headaches? that's not nearly as bad as what i thought it did (not the sparkly vampire thing; more like a laser cutter)

I hope you can too!