Wednesday, July 08, 2009

King of the Schill

Jersey Gods issue one is now available - gratis, free and for nothing - on! If you haven't read it yet, why not give it a try?

In the meantime - here's a peek at what issue 7 looks like. Barock and Helius storm the Paris runways during Fashion Week!


Ade Salmon said...

You've not been watching the Fashion channel again have you ?! Seriously superb stuff.


Isi said...

Dan: as a random topic of interest (in relation to DWM: The Age of Ice), how would you have designed the S**** Q****?
Martin Geraghty's version is wonderfully creepy, but it would be interesting to see what yours would look like...

mattcrap said...

stomping down the runway to a little Zep....nice touch fellas

Dan McDaid said...

Ade - thanks a lot, man. Can't wait to see your IDW Who stuff. And yeah, I'm pretty sure Jersey Gods has turned me gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Lordi - I've reached a point where I leave all that palaver to the artist. Martin pretty much hit my description of the S**** Q**** as I wrote it (although I did picture her clothing being ripped by the process - tastefully, of course).

Ha! Thanks Matt. Immigrant song came on when I was roughing this scene out, and it fit really nicely.

Isi said...

you mean like what he did with the other possessed S****?
who knows?
i don't
if i'm honest though, i would have imagined her clothes becoming crystalised and lengthened. or something.i dunno, that could be cos i don't like all that clothes-rippery/ridiculous shortening that is aimed at the men folks: it sorta puts me off (like, for example, when i am playing an MMO like Archlord)

Dan McDaid said...

Hey Lordi, did you dig part four?

Sadly the Led Zep lyrics have been obscured by the dialogue on the final page. My fault, should have left more dead space. :(