Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On the boats and on the planes... (NY Countdown, Day, uh... Nought)

Well, time's up for my NYCC Countdown (which I probably should have done in reverse order, you know... actually *counting down*). But worry not! Because I've really enjoyed keeping the blog looking fresh, I still aim to update every or every other day. More Jersey Gods! More Doctor Who! More other stuff!

And in the meantime, check out this dandy video courtesy of Comic Book Resources. It's an interview with my man Glen Brunswick where he basically talks about how brilliant I am for like ten minutes. They did a wicked job on this - animated inserts! Music! Jonah's awesome sweater!





marco's blog said...

have a great time at the con! congrats on the books, loved glenn's killing girl, so really looking forward to this.
btw, my blog that you subscribed to got all screwy so i had to put it down.
here's the semi-daily one if you want to check it out

Dan Duncan said...

Have a blast man! Haven't been since the first one but I hear they're just getting better.

monkeyfeather said...

Jersey Gods Looks AWESOME. Great stuff on your blog.

Have fun at the con.

WJC said...

Bon Voyage!

(Word Verification for this comment is 'gongs' which seems like an appropriate sfx)

Isi said...

Just finished reading "The Stockbridge Child" and... i think thats the first time I've seen a villain try to give in to the Doctor's demands. Of course, Mr Lynch had to RUIN it all, didn't he...?