Sunday, October 07, 2007

What the -?

Things of note:

- I moved from Dundee to London. London is great, except: ACCOMODATION TINY

- I finished draft one of my next script for Doctor Who Magazine. It contains the words "Ringo", "peanuts" and "northampton".

- I got annoyed at how last week's comedy playhouse thing on C4 ripped Arrested Development off blind. One bit in particular, a courtroom scene involving an incompetent lawyer who was a mesh of GOB and Barry Zuckerkorn, and a bible thrown at a woman who was actually disabled (instead of pretending) was very naughty. I really liked the writer's episode of Doctor Who, but this scene had me literally screaming at the telly. Maybe I should just go out on a Friday night.

Oh, and this happened:

I made it through the submissions phase of Comic Book Idol 3, which means I've got a ton of work (and bowel-clenching terror) over the next few weeks. If you love me, vote for me. If you hate me, and you want to see me fail at a high-profile comics job, vote for me and I WON'T LET YOU DOWN.


SRH said...

Congrats on CBI3! Post what you can about the process here... when you can. Damn you are going to be busy.

Dan McDaid said...

I'm not sure what the rules are, but I'll post what I can man. And yes, I'm going to be, as the locals say, knackered. Remember to vote for me srh!

warren said...

Hey Dan!

Thanks for dropping by my little site and playing nice. Your stuff is really strong! I can't wait to read 'Hard Science'.

Odd facts:

1) I've got plenty of in-laws from Dundee! Can't understand a frickin word they say. Somethin about a pie with an onion on it.

2)Danger Mouse ruled when I was a kid. I watched it alla time.

3) I feel your pain about being a bit overworked. All last week I've been doing literally 99 panels of storyboards per day, trying to free up time for this. I think it's safe to say we're all in the same boat...except for Ciao in Brazil. Theoretically he has plenty of time, but who knows what he faces day to day?

Dan McDaid said...

Hi Warren!

1) I know the pie thing, but I have no idea how to spell (let alone say) it, so I'm not gonna try (I'm actually from Cornwall originally, and only lived in Dunders for four years)! But it comes down to ordering pies from Wallace's the bakers...

Oh, I just found this on the internet: "Twa bridies, a plen ane in an ingin ane an a." Which means "I'll have two bridies, a plain one and an onion one as well". Yer welcome.

2) It certainly did! Did they ever show any other Cosgrove Hall stuff over there? Good as DM was, Count Duckula was even better...

3)99...? Wow, that puts my idea of overworked into perspective. You ever get RSI?

Texann said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Danjamen! (Surprised? hee hee) You're stuff looks awesome. Hope to chat more soon. Write back, dude! Miss ya.

warren said...

Ah, yes. That's the pie thing. Even harder to follow in type.

Never saw Count Duckula, though I vaguely remember it being on once in a while. Perhaps I should fix that with the magic of the internet.

Well, I only did 99 panels for 2 days before the Round, and still blew the quota, plus had to cut my round 1 submission short by a bit to stay on track with other stuff. Not too smart, maybe. But if I lay low enough for long enough, people will soon forget all about me.

RSI? Whassat? Retarded Stare Instances? Get those alla time. Actually I try to keep active in different ways to avoid by body from collapsing in on itself. Most of these 'ways' involve going outside and breathing real air...and sometimes even real people.

But I'd kill for a pint about now.

PS your first round entry was tops!

SRH said...

Man, your first round and second round stuff is killer!