Sunday, June 03, 2007

Further Excite-o-news!

The third draft of part one of my DWM script has been approved (with some tweaks) and is even now in the fragrant hands of the Who Production people. Oh man! Now I have to write part two!

In other news, I was in Toys R Us today, mulling over whether to buy a replacement sonic screwdriver (the old one lost its main button... bah) or splurge on one of them 12 inch Clockwork Men from last year's excellent Girl in the Fireplace episode, when I came across the toy tie-ins for a cartoon called Ben 10. I haven't seen the shows yet, but my understanding is that it's a Dial H for Hero kind of thing, where some punk kid gets to change into all sorts of monsters and fight evil and that. Pretty nifty, and the designs are gorgeous, so I done bought me one: a little fella called Greymatter. He's one of the neatest things I own: a kind of bipedal praying mantis in a white jump suit with a little alien chum and big bug eyes. He's great, and I fully intend to collect the set. My girlfriend doesn't mind that I'm a simpleton by the way.

Maybe one reason I was so drawn to Ben 10 is because it's not dissimilar to a (sadly abortive) game I designed for a software company a few years back - the main character even looks kind of similar! - but more on that soon...!



SRH said...

When you find a partner who doesn't mind the collecting of "childish" things... keep them.

You have storytelling talent and are a super fan of Dr Who. It seems like perfect combination to me. I wish you continued success.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan! Long time, no speak.....sorry for losing touch. Just Googled you and found your blog. It's greatly funny and your artwork ace as ever. Give me a write at I'll write you back from my personal account then. I'm sad at heart to have lost touch for this long.....PLEEEEASE email ASAP, dear!

Convivially! -

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks SRH! That's precisely my philosophy also!

Hellllooo, Ann-onymous! I will be in touch v. soon!

Anonymous said...


It's Ann!

I've emailed Ann!

It's Ann!

Ann from the John Palmer Appreciation Society!


It's Matt!

Matt from Deep Regret!


Dan McDaid said...


So cool!

Have emailed her!


Stand by!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... Dan, I can only imagine how exciting this is for you, knowing how much of a fan you are. Your work on here is incredibly strong, really really glad things are going so well.

And Matt ! Hey !

- Sarah 'soon to be also ex-DR'

Anonymous said...


Hello you!

Gorsh, this is like a mini reunion.
Why are you still at DR?
What are you working on these days?
How have you been!

Anonymous said...

Maaaaaaaaaattttttt !

Ello !

*breaks out the reunion bubbly

I'm good. About to work on some really cool stuff that I can't talk about.. infinitely more attractive than the day-job as is, or until the end of next week anyway.

Damn fine to see you're doing okay!

Dan, email me so I can reply. I've still got your stuff safe and sound.

Dan McDaid said...

Lawks, you turn your back for five minutes and all your old pals gather, er, behind your back. Thanks for the kind words Sarah: it is, of course, extremely exciting, but like all exciting things it's also often rather challenging! But that's what we're all after, isn't it? In related news: boo to Deep Red, but hurrah for new horizons! Email me at and we'll talk over it further. I frankly can't believe you've still got all my old stuff: how exciting!

Matt! I am excited! Excellent Ludo impression! Will email you shortly!

Anonymous said...

OK Guys.....I'm thrilled to hear from you, Matt and Dan!!! Thrilled! You have to understand that with three little ones (well....Liam isn't so little anymore!) underfoot, time on the computer is limited and even rare some days. Will respond to your emails immediately though!!

Miss Y'ALL!

Ps. Sorry for the "anonymous" name....I'm just not internet savvy anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan. Are you Dan McDaid from Camborne that used to hang out with some dickhead called Ross, who also used to go out with your sister? If you are then write to me at dude. If not then sorry, I´ve been stalking the wrong person.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell!

Ross! It's been a million years.
Yes he is that Dan. I'm that Matt that used to share the flat with him.

How have you been?

I did a search for you about a year ago to see what you were up to, but I thought your name was Townsend for some reason.

Do you still have short hair or is it really long again? And are you still listening to terrible heavy metal music?


SRH said...

Sweet Jebus, it is like watching a reunion within an reunion within a reuinion here. I swear, I am just going to sit down with some pop-corn and watch this play out.

Dan McDaid said...

Ha! No kidding, man - but this isn't just Friends Reunited Lite: I can promise actual new content soon!

Anonymous said...

wooooooah, it is you guys. I googled your name after Lorna put some pictures of Dan from back in the day on Facebook.

Matt, you look well different, like a proper bruiser.

I´ve been living in Spain (Mallorca, to be precise) for the past year or so, volunteering for this conservation NGO. I´m nearing the end of that so in September I´m gonna be moving to M├ílaga with my girlfriend, who is from Andalucia.

My hair length has fluctuated a lot in recent years, but now it´s settled in a shaggy-from-scooby-doo style mop, except not ginger. I do have a beard though, and that is quite ginger.

Nowadays I´m listening mostly to drum and bass and nerdy hip hop.

I´m really glad that i managed to reach you guys. It´s so great that we live in the 21st century with the internet and all this futuristic shit.

Dan, I´m really digging your artwork. The style is still unmistakenly you but fuck man you´ve diversified a lot as well.

Keep in touch you guys!

Anonymous said...

I think Dan keeps his friends because he owes us all money.

Ross, I like to imagine that you still hold your hands like guns when you talk. And that makes me happy.

Dan, hurry up and do some new stuff!